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Weekend Sherpa Sunset Tour!
Client Reviews - 06/03/2008

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Earth Day Cleanup with Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods

Stewards Newsletters - Summer 2008
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San Francisco Magazine - 11/2007

Elephant Seal Attacks - 04/2007
Rogue Seal - 04/13/2007

Elephant Seals Are Wild Animals And Are Naturally The Most Agressive Of The Seal Species.
Although The Elepahant Seal Was With Us For Several Seasons, He Has Not Returned Since He became more agrresive in 2007.  We Wish Him Well On His Journeys Abroad.

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SFGate -Elephant Seal Attack :  Apple QuickTime Needed to view
Mammals / Mammoth / Whale

KQED Quest:  Broadcasts Online, on Public TV and Public Radio. Video Version 2:
Russian River and Estuary:  Map, Photo Slide Show and Video: Click the Flowers!

Explore the wildlife,history and ecology of our unique river and coastal environments.
Contributors to Outdoor film segments,photos and information: Stewards of the Coast and
Redwoods, WaterTreks EcoTours, Russian River Historical Society and other professionals and enthusiasts. "Chris Bauer and the Quest film crew are enthusiastic and dedicated to what they do. We had a fantastic time exploring by kayak. This should be a  wonderfully educational representation of our unique and beautiful river ecology and is a great opportunity to inform others of how to help steward and enjoy exploring the natural wonders of our local river environments.

Thank You to KQED Quest and to everyone who contributed!". Suki Waters

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Sonoma Coast Watch -
  HAB Watch : Efforts in  Monitoring Harmful Algal Blooms:
Dynoflagellate / Plankton / Red Tides / Glowing Plankton
CenCOOSNOAA  and past  Cal-PreEMPT efforts.
Curious about the North Coast Abalone and Sea Urchin Die Off?

Glowing Plankton!

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October Reverie

This evening before I chose to cook a stir-fry and relax for the evening I joined a friend to photograph the coastal sunset near where I live, at the mouth of the Russian River.

I did not take many photos but instead became much engrossed in the play of nature. The mouth of the river had recently closed and the seals were doing their undulating dance from the river to the sea across the glistening sand bar. Their trek was not long and the waves would occasionally glide across the narrow closure to lick at the still river waters. 

The sunset was beautiful once again.  Every evening they are a unique glowing touch to the soul.  The playful action of the changing colors on the waves had me mesmerized for some time.

The setting sunlight was shining golden with increasing hues of crimson on the waves as they broke and gently slid onto the beach.  On their glide up the beach, the now smooth and released power of the waves gave off a shimmer and sparkle across the sand with flashing reflections of the colors of the setting sun. The smoothness of some seemed to slowly become disconnected from the edges of the ocean water and became separate entities. My friend commented that they seemed to be transforming into wispy ghostly memories of the power that had just released them. And his observation was perfect as they slowly melted into the sandy shoals and disappeared, sinking down to become diluted somewhere in the reservoir of the sand bar between fresh river water and the salty Pacific.

Native BoatWhile this visual display was playing out before my eyes I was becoming lost in the rhythm of the voice of the Ocean. The slowly deepening throatiness of a building wave was blended with the simultaneously roar of another, cresting and breaking. And in the background, the hissing higher toned rush of the dying wave’s water running up and between the infinite sand particles on the beach were echoed by a separate hiss of the previous wave’s waters racing to return back through the sand to join the main body of the sea.

It was not only the seeing, but also the hearing of nature, the sensations of the slight temperature changes and immediate drop in temperature the moment the sun dipped beyond the horizon of the sea that touched me. I was deeply aware for a few moments of being one with nature in flux and gently entwined my fingers with his.  His acknowledgment was a glowing smile as we both appreciated such a splendid moment shared between dear friends.”

I retained this memory in writing in October of 2004.  The experience is only one of many that repeatedly touch my soul when working, playing or simply relaxing in the many varied natural habitats we are blessed with here in Sonoma County.

As an outdoor enthusiasts, Guide and west county resident with many generations of ties to our local communities and natural areas, I enjoy sharing my experience, enjoyment and enthusiasm for outdoor activities with county residents and visitors along the  Russian River and Sonoma Coast.

Estuary SunsetIn Sonoma County, we are fortunate to have many well established and professional outfitters and guides to provide information and assistance, as well as great volunteer training opportunities in our local parks and through Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods to help maximize your experience, understanding and appreciation of our abundant outdoor areas.

Whether you are interested in fishing or kayaking with wildlife along our Russian River or estuary river mouth, hiking or horseback riding the scenic trails of our river valleys or coastal hills, strolling with squirrels and ferns under  our Majestic Redwoods at Armstrong Woods State Park, surfing, exploring tide pools or kite flying along our Sonoma Coast, joining a wildlife ocean charter in Bodega Bay or bicycling or van touring our scenic winery routes, you can’t beat Sonoma County for variety of opportunities and professional providers to assist you.

We look forward to helping meet your activities requests.  If we don't provide what you are looking for personally we can connect you will a professional provider who can.

Welcome and we hope you enjoy our local outdoors.

 Suki Waters – WaterTreks EcoTours

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