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We Are Now Tracking Our Discount Offers To Help In Analysis Of Their Effectiveness And That Of Our Marketing And Advertising Efforts.

We also have “Liability Requirements” that need to be covered by “All Outdoor Activity Providers”.   We need our affiliates to understand these requirements. A link to our basic requirements will be downloadable here soon.  An example would be:

Per Insurance Requirements, No Client Will Be Allowed To Participate In Any Of Our Activities While Under The Influence Of Alcohol or Recreational Drugs.  Your Client Will Need To  Let Us Know If They Require Prescription Muscle Relaxing Or Heart Medication.  If Your Clients Would Like To Enjoy Tasting Local Wine or Brew After Their Tour, We Have Local Recommendations To Offer And Discounts For Local Establishments.

 In accepting Discounts From WaterTreks EcoTours, You may choose or choose not to receive e-mail updates. You may choose to use our coupons or to simply give your client your coupon code when you have them call. We will track your discounts per your coupon code and to confirm the bookings. We will ask you to design a code for yourself.  No other details about the coupon codes are on this website. Please Contact Us For More Informaiton. 

Please be aware that you clients will receive their discount off the price of our “Scheduled Group Rate” if you if have not received a more deeply discounted special offer.  Yes Tours are very much like airfare, motels and car rentals.  There are several rates for the same tour at any one time.  This is an Industry Standard.  I am offering you the best discount rates that I can provide for individuals, couples and families.  

Please Contact Us directly to negotiate a seperate price and pre-book for large groups.
Please Book Large Groups At Least Two Weeks In Advance. As Far Out As Possible Is Reccomended.

Our Maximum Group Size is 30

Please Be Aware That No Coupon or Website Link Can Be Exchanged Without An Understanding Of The Limitations On Our Downloadable Form.

Please Review Our Discount And Recreational Update Options
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Weekly Recreational Updates By Weather And Water Forecasts
  Seasonal And Special Events / Safety Updates

 KGGV 95.1 FM  For The Lower Russian River Valley And Sonoma Coast
  8:15-8:30 AM Friday Mornings / Also Available Online!


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Please Notify Us Of Any Event Publishing Deadlines for Your Weekly or Monthly Event List.


Weekly Updates:

Includes spontaneous wildlife or nature events such as BioPlankton Tours (They Glow At Night), Juvenile Whale Pod Arrivals (As Late as October 2008), last minute fund raisers, newly added activities and any discounts associated with these events.


Monthly Updates:

Covers Specials and Events for the coming month. Will not include - Many Spontaneous Events & Discounts.


Quarterly Seasonal Updates:

Our Seasonal News Letter - Seasonal wildlife and recreational activity, safety and event information, and tips on how to enjoy the outdoors for a lifetime of recreational activity. Will not include - Any discounts, spontaneous events, fund raisers or State Park activities scheduled after publication.

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Also Available Soon:    "Activity Display Binders"

Packed with Photos and Recreational Information
This Tool Answers Most Client Questions - Before They Call!

Detailed Information About Our Business And Local Recreational Activities
Local Safety Information: Emergency Contacts: Seasonal Activity Details.
Recreational Maps And Stickers To Come!

                                                        Capacity/Pages   Price    Extra Pages                Price
LG – Full size Binder       

MD –
½ width Binder
(Most Popular)

SM -
¼ size Photo Binder


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